Journey of a Rap Star

September 29 - November 3, 2018 

boundary StephTalksProper.jpg

Opening Reception:  Saturday, September 29, 2018 5:30-9pm in conjunction with the Beverly Art Walk

Because of social media, it seems so easy to have a rap career, especially if you want to be famous. Steph is here to give it a shot, to try her hand at hip-hop to gain access to.. well access. What does this mean for those with actual talent mixed in a pool with those that don’t but still strive to be successful someway or somehow? Who decides what talent is when access to an audience is seemingly available to anyone?

Stephanie Graham is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses humor to critique works around relationships, subcultures, social class and race. For this exhibition, Stephanie is exploring the performative side of her work in playing "StephTalksProper" a hip-hop artist, who honestly has no background in music but is interested in likes, followers, and money.  Stephanie is a Chicago-based artist who studied film and photography at Columbia College Chicago, currently works in the film industry and is an avid fan of the Real Housewives.