Onyx Mandelbrot: Lynchpin
Opening Saturday, February 9, 2019

Exhibition continues through March 9, 2019

Because we are all connected. There is not one cog in the machine who isn't aware of what role they are playing in history as violence against black youth continues in Chicago, unchanged. All are to blame. Point the finger as high as you can.  Blame the blame. Liberty and shame. A projection of warning into the future. We want answers, we want change, we want justice for Chicago's black youth.

Artist, cultural researcher, and administrator Onyx Mandelbrot works in the visual and performing arts unearthing the possibilities of an indigenous-arts lead future. With a background in theater arts, arts administration/arts education and a studio practice in film, video, new media and photography, Mandelbrot places the needs of society for social, cultural and emotional change squarely on the shoulders of artists, organizers, provocateurs, and citizens. Their most recent works include narratives such as: The School to Prison Pipeline, Police Brutality, Civil Disobedience, Data Collection and Systems of Surveillance. Onyx is a Chicago native and centers their practice within the parameters of inner city living and imagines politics through a black queer lens.

Onyx Mandelbrot , Mother’s Prayer / Response , 2016, digital collage with archive image on newsprint

Onyx Mandelbrot, Mother’s Prayer / Response, 2016, digital collage with archive image on newsprint