Nancy Y. Kim:
Unbearable Brightness of Spot

November 10 - December 8

Opening Reception
Saturday, November 10th


Little circles, either spots if positive space or holes if negative, can produce a reaction akin to curiosity or annoyance. But bunch enough together will often trigger a trypophobia causing nausea.

And what Nancy Y. Kim sardonically intends. Her recent paintings, on canvas or paper, at boundary cover the surface in repeated patterns of colored dots (or even in a slight departure, another singular shape) that she sometimes cuts out and recycles into another piece. The more, the merrier as she over-saturates our field of vision to activate different optics, other senses to engage before disturbing and overwhelming.

Think early Yayoi Kusama sans the obsessive compulsion bent on the psychological, if not psychedelic. No one can ever excuse Nancy of being the broken hippie, though. The question she seems to ask instead is whether her choices of color provoke subjective truths or objective realities. Her exploration breaks the picture plane, eliding figure versus ground traditions as if she, too, is inundated by the constant permeation (and permutations) of these glowing marks radiating outwardly to illuminate the spaces around, about, and within her.

So what the viewer encounters are pure eye candy to be savored. Too much of a good thing might be considered bad. Which is not the case for these hypnotic pieces.

Just try to look away if you can.