Jason Dunda + Andreas Fischer: Shared Neuroses

May 5-June 9, 2018

opening reception Saturday, May 5, 2018 6-9pm

Jason Dunda and Andreas Fischer together is a curatorial inkling born from the mother of invention.

Fraternal twins in their painterly roots, both reside in a space where figures still live if only to be abstracted. But not toward the nonrepresentational hell-bent on universalist purity to empty out perceived content. 

No, these guys live in the present and so readily acknowledge their relationship to the dust bin of art history. How they react to or interact with our contemporary world, though, betrays shared neuroses about their process, which moves along at different speeds, each taking turns in their own vehicles to assume the lead, oftentimes on different routes to arrive at the same place.

The question of what constitutes life and how to represent or express or comment about the human condition is addressed through the figurative “tradition”.

At first glance, the viewer might be confused as to which artist is whom looking at their paintings—faces or else bodies occupying or co-habitating carefully composed, canvases in a flurry of gestural strokes as the two expertly control the ebb and flow of color formally.

Independently, their work really talks about act of painting as practice through process: meticulous, devoted to craft, old-fashioned in their reverence to material technically paying attention to technique yet not a slave to just pure observation.

But take pause and examine closer to see where their paths diverge in portraying the subject through glorified people-watching; one externally, the other internally.

So start with Jason Dunda who does so from outside, a measured distance with a smirk. He is judge, jury, and executioner to Mankind’s foibles, those making the wrong kind of history to rankle his skin and boil his blood but fair game for his maybe kinder and gentler wit.

Andreas Fischer considers the same mad, mad world through a mirror. And what society reflects makes him anxious with questions of his complicity: Why do I feel responsible? Is it my fault? Am I guilty as charged?

So “Two artists, one process”...

Jason Dunda is a Canadian painter living and working in Chicago.  He is currently working on a project entitled “Various Incidents” in which he translates imagery of authority and control into portraitive abstractions.  Recent exhibitions include a solo project at Northeastern Illinois University, and group shows at Slow in Chicago, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, SOMArts in San Francisco, and SÍM Gallery in Reykjavík.  Recent residencies include the Corporation of Yaddo and a four-month research and production fellowship in Paris, fully funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. 

  Lothar Müthel in the role of Miss Teen USA   2016, o il on linen, 2016

Lothar Müthel in the role of Miss Teen USA 2016, oil on linen, 2016

Andeas Fischer has had solo exhibitions at The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; Hudson Franklin, New York; Dan Devening, Chicago; Andrew Rafacz Chicago, and Zolla Lieberman Chicago. He has participated in projects and exhibitions at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburg; Nathalie Karg Gallery, New York; Regina Rex, New York; Green Point Terminal, New York; Minotaur Projects, Los Angeles; LaMontagne, Boston; Hungryman, San Francisco; Important Projects, Oakland, CA; Chicago Cultural Center; and The Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago among others.  He has been a resident at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York and is an Artadia award winner.  He has a BFA in Studio Art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in Studio Art and an MA in Art History from The University of Illinois at Chicago.

  Monument , oil, acrylic, and pencil on canvas, 2015

Monument, oil, acrylic, and pencil on canvas, 2015