Carla Winterbottom: Refusing the 6th
Opening Reception Saturday, July 20, 2019

A boundary green outdoor installation
Exhibition continues through September 23, 2019

We are well into the 6th Extinction, the first, and, most likely last, man made Extinction.  Refusing the 6th is an allegorical installation with a freshly planted fruit tree featuring interactive fun elements to entertain and illuminate our current state of ecological peril. 

Every molecule matters, every action matters- the C02 is 415, ecological collapse is accelerating.

Pick your apple from  (1) the tree of consumption (temptation) leading to the fires of hell (our earth burning ) or (2) the true tree of life, regenerative, nurturing, supportive. (life everlasting), sustainable and ecological 

The 6th will include us. Refuse the 6th.

Eden earth vs hell earth - how do you like them apples ? 

Carla Winterbottom, July 2019

Carla Winterbottom,  Every Molecule Matters , pastel, oil paint, spray paint, fabric, paper, 2019

Carla Winterbottom, Every Molecule Matters, pastel, oil paint, spray paint, fabric, paper, 2019

Carla Winterbottom is recognized for her collages and pinhole photography. Her imagery is landscape based with a vintage poetic feel, evoking a dream like dissonance. Born in Windsor, Ontario, based in Chicago, Winterbottom is involved in the Northwest Indiana and Cape Cod art communities. Formerly curator and gallery director at The Beverly Art Center and currently a curator with The Beverly Area Arts Alliance, she spends summers in Cape Cod, making art, exhibiting, and studying at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. She received her MFA from Northern Illinois University and BFA from the University of Windsor.